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Extensively Pre-screened Candidates

The Winnipeg Industrial Skills Training Centre offers a one of a kind option through our training program.  Employers are invited to attend the selection process and to "reserve" a student for employment at their facility.  Our program can be customized for any employer's needs.

All students will be trained in the basics of welding, including oxy-acetylene, MIG welding (G.M.A.W.), stick welding (S.M.A.W.), TIG welding (G.T.A.W.), carbon arc cutting and flux-core arc welding (F.C.A.W.).  The program also consists of training in the operation of equipment used in fabrication, such as the drill press, upright band saw, hydraulic shear, hydraulic press brake, iron worker, CNC Strippit punch and other hand and power tools.  All students complete a Grade 10 level mathematics class, blueprint reading course and WHMIS test, along with classroom work in weld faults, inspection methods and weld symbols.  Students are trained in an environment that is similar to industry standards and will gain experience using work orders, daily time sheets and time cards.  Our Centre offers production services to many local companies and we use this production component to make a much smoother transition from training to working.

An employer may choose a specific process and/or training path for a new hire that would benefit their company.  For example, if TIG welders are hard to find, we can arrange for the top TIG welders in the group to receive training specific to the employer's company.  In some cases, samples of the work or the most common joints or positions used at the facility may be utilized to custom train their future employee(s).  This would also apply to metal fabrication.  Lately it has been difficult for employers to find press brake operators and, more specifically, press brake set-up people.  Our Centre can concentrate on developing these skills with a trainee for an employer who is behind us in our training and has an opening.  When the student is deemed capable of performing on the job, they can be placed at the host company for a two-week work experience at no cost to the employer.

For dates of sessions and to make appointments to discuss a training plan, please feel free to call our Training and Production Manager, at 204.783.7031 or through our contact link.